Here is what our clients say about us

Working as part of your team

Ishani Malhotra, CEO, Carcinotech

“The team at Accountech have been an asset to our business. They operate as a seamless extension of our team, bringing expertise and professionalism to everything that they do.”

Claudia Freigang, founder of Hearing Diagnostics

“The team is an absolute pleasure to work with! Very glad our paths crossed when they did, Stephen!”

Anne Widdop, founder of The VR Hive

“A genuinely lovely team to work with, responsive and always happy to help. Definitely going above and beyond to help new companies.”

Our experience

Lorenzo Conti, Founder, Crover

“What we found is a team member who often understands our business financial requirements even before we do and who brings in countless experience with technology businesses.”

Ioannis Stasinopoulos, Founder, Prozymi Biolabs

“They are experts in their field with loads of experience and appetite for work and really nice people to work with!”

Anne Widdop, founder of The VR Hive

“Stephen is very well connected and is able to tap into expertise in areas out with the domain of accounting. Kate re-modelled my cash flow, balance sheet, and P & L projections making it easier to update.”

The problems that we solve

Richard Taylor, Founder, Critical Blue/Approov

“Make all the day-to-day admin for our financial tracking disappear, and provide lots of support for high level financial projections, generate monthly management accounts and makes our R&D credit application process as smooth as it can be. We’ve pretty much had them at our side from day one, but we think that was a very wise choice and without this we would have had less focus on the core of the business that matters – namely acquiring and retaining customers.”

Rowan Armstrong, Founder of Bioliberty

“Accountech freed up our co-founders’ time and allowed us to focus on raising investment, engaging with early adopters and developing our product whilst they managed our accounts. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I can confidently say that we wouldn’t be in the position that we are now without them.”

What sort of company would you recommend engages Accountech?

Rowan Armstrong, Founder of Bioliberty

“A tech company which is spending unnecessary time trying to manage their own accounts and deal with accounting matters when they should be out there raising capital and engaging with customers.”

Ishani Malhotra, CEO, Carcinotech

“Small/start-up tech firms with a life sciences/science focus. They have been great at providing specialised knowledge for companies like us within this sector.”

Abesh Thakur, Founder, Two Big Ears

“Any founder/company who wishes to maximize tax credits and integration of grants and other specialized assistance absolutely need to work with Accountech.”