Accountech services

Financial projections

A financial projections model that shows how your business will make money and can be flexed to show different scenarios is essential when raising investment.

The model we have developed is easy to use but specific to your company. We understand that you will want to play around with different strategies and timing, so we build it with this in mind: it is your model, not ours.

But our financial modelling is not a one-off, static Corporate Finance exercise, only to be used for raising investment: It is a dynamic and fully integrated part of your business, building on a solid foundation of robust accounting, and is available for you to use for investment rounds, grant and loan applications, cash flow forecasting and monitoring against budget.

Working with us is like having your own in-house financial analyst.


(Enterprise Investment Scheme)

As a Tech start-up looking for investment, you need to get EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) or SEIS (Seed Investment Scheme) Advance Assurance before you can raise investment.

Once the shares are issued, you need to produce an EIS1 form and issue EIS3 certificates to your investors to allow them to claim EIS tax relief on their investment.

We have gone through this process many times with clients so can handle it all for you.


Tax Credits

Stephen has been helping clients with R&D Tax Credit Claims for almost 20 years – since the scheme started. However, recent developments and publicity over fraudulent use of the scheme have meant that R&D Tax Credit Claims are coming under much greater scrutiny.

Our aim is to provide the quality of service that tech companies like yours need, but at a cost that means that 25-30% of the benefit does not need to be paid over to an external consultant.

How do we do that?
We only prepare R&D Tax Credit claims for our own clients, so we are already very familiar with what you do and whether you are eligible for tax credits.

We trust you to write your own draft descriptions of your R&D projects while guiding you in the rules of R&D Tax Credits and reviewing all paperwork to ensure your claims are fully compliant with HMRC definitions.

We are members of the R&D Community: they provide training and keep us continually up to date with the rapidly changing rules. They are a community of R&D Tax Credit advisors who care passionately about the standard of their work, and with whom we can share best practice.

Management Accounts and Compliance

Of course, we also provide everything that a traditional accountancy firm provides – yearend statutory accounts and corporation tax returns, quarterly VAT returns, plus help with grant applications and claims.

Management accounts – monthly, quarterly or annually – are provided in a format that fits your business and which gives you confidence that, when it comes to raising investment, your balance sheet is solid and due diligence will be straightforward.

Post-investment we can provide the additional management reporting that your investors require with no extra work involved for you.


We use expert subcontractors for any specialist help that you need – examples include more specialist tax advice, payroll, grant audits, cloud accounting support.

You will need these services as you grow in addition to our own, but the difference with Accountech is that we know exactly who to speak to and you only pay for these services as you need them.

We hold our subcontractors to the same high standards as our own and treat them as part-time members of our own team.

The “great resignation” has seen specialist advisors who wish to work with tech start-ups leaving to form their own businesses. We partner with them because their values align with ours: they want to provide a superior service at a rate which start-up tech companies can afford.

A holistic

Overall our approach is to allow you to outsource the finance function and allow yourself as a founder to concentrate on developing your product, building your team and making sales.

Our quality bookkeeping gives confidence that your management accounts, yearend accounts and VAT returns are correct.

Our integration of management accounts with financial projections allows top-quality performance management which will make your investors’ lives easy.

Our knowledge of the figures, the grant projects and the business allows us to produce robust R&D tax credit claims where the calculations clearly reconcile to the accounts and descriptions of projects are sufficiently straightforward for HMRC to understand. This enables HMRC to approve and pay claims on time.